Harnessing consumer power to generate social, economic and environmental impact


Purpose | Triple Bottom Line

TBL Tourism is a coalition of corporate and nonprofit entities, aligning NGO-public-private partnerships to create an innovative, impact-driven model of hotel development.

Our mission is to harness the extractive flow of funds to benefit the communities and ecologies where our properties operate to create triple bottom line value. 

Our initial region of focus is Puerto Rico, renowned for its unique cultural heritage, natural resources, tourism offerings and strong community resilience.

Approach | Connected Stakeholders

Social enterprises financed and governed by a non-profit organization.

Through an innovative capital structure and organizational ecosystem, TBL Tourism has created a model for philanthropic donors and conscious consumers to share common goals.

Charitable Organizations

Ongoing customer revenues ensure that no further fundraising is needed after launch.

Innovative strategy to create a valuable long-term asset which generates impact into perpetuity.


Consumers have access to a new array of products and services tailored to their values.

Clear communication of mission, values & impact generation to consumers.

Final product & experience is enhanced at no additional cost to the consumer.


Mission and values create stronger team culture, performance and partnerships.

Business is required to maximize triple bottom line, ensuring optimal social, environmental & economic impact.

Tourism | Our Initial Focus

A global industry in need of and ready for change.

TBL Tourism reverses the extractive nature of real estate investment for the benefit of local communities. Our model is flexible, scalable, and market demographic agnostic.

Hospitality Fits in TBL Approach

Requires only initial capital grants and donations for development. No additional funding to be requested from donors once operational.

Reliable and measurable integrated impact generated from hotels.

Travelers are Becoming Responsible

Conscious consumer demand is driving industry change:

Opportunity for Widespread Impact

Global tourism is a large and increasingly important sector:

Tourism uniquely impacts all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

*Booking.com / **Conde Nast Traveler / ***World Travel & Tourism Council 

Integrated Impact | Areas of Focus

Impact is created through development, operations, and deployment of surplus.

TBL guarantees social and environmental performance is tracked with the same diligence as financial performance.

Community Resiliency

Economic Growth


Environmental Stewardship

Values | Our Core


Our concepts are uniquely integrated with every location respectfully and thoughtfully.


A culturally adapted asset collection fully immersed in local history, art, music, culinary, wellness, and natural features.


Curated spaces for visitors and residents to share knowledge, collaborate and strengthen community integration.


Shared triple-bottom-line metrics of the environmental, social and economic impact generated.


Prioritize value creation for all stakeholders, responsibly and sustainably.

Team | Aligned Leaders

Founded on deep experience in sustainable tourism.

Our team and advisors are experts in their respective fields and represent a diverse set of stakeholders. TBL Tourism’s partner ecosystem continues to strengthen and grow.

Hotel Developers & Operators

Legal & Financial Counsel

Architectural & Design

Philanthropy Advisory

Advisory | Professional Services

Every organization could measure their triple bottom line performance.

Advising those who are committed to implementing strategies that benefit all stakeholders.

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